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Marketing Initiatives

ITO is the voice for Indigenous tourism in Ontario. Our valued strategic and community partners help us market the Indigenous tourism industry throughout Canada and beyond. Marketing materials in print and online, partnership opportunities with ITAC and OTMPC and access to travel trade and media, are some of ITO’s marketing programs that can help your Indigenous tourism business tap into new markets and expand your reach. Below you will find additional information about ITO’s current marketing initiatives:

ITO Online Marketing Initiatives

The newly developed ITO website will become the first stop for travellers when searching for Indigenous tourism experiences in Ontario. This website provides an inventory of recognized Indigenous tourism operators throughout the province and features best practices for Indigenous cultural experiences.

ITO’s itineraries (phase 2) highlight a variety of regions throughout Ontario where travellers can experience Indigenous culture at its best. These itineraries follow many of the popular travel routes throughout the province and add valuable cultural experiences to any trip. Having your Indigenous tourism business featured on one of ITO’s itineraries would entice many potential customers and promote your region as an Indigenous tourism destination.

Ontario Authentic Indigenous Moments (OAIM)

Ontario Authentic Indigenous Moments are cultural experiences that tourists can share with a local, someone who knows and lives the traditions that have been passed down for generations. The Ontario Authentic Indigenous Moments (OAIM) program links ‘authentic cultural entrepreneurs’ with tourists who are seeking a unique experience. Visit the OAIM website to learn more:

This innovative program promotes local Indigenous entrepreneurs and organizations and highlights a huge variety of cultural experiences throughout Ontario. The OAIM program offers many benefits to those who join including marketing and product development support as well as recognition from ITO as an authentic cultural experience.

When your Moment is uploaded on to the OAIM site you can sit back and enjoy the ride since all of your marketing services will be free! Each Moment will be search engine optimized to ensure that it is searchable on the Internet and the word gets out about your experience or offering. In addition, ITO will also rotate weekly features for each of the Moments and share them on social media sites.

OAIM will also be largely promoted through a variety of tourism distribution on channels, tourism associations, at travel trade shows, various travel publications, and travel industry partners. This will bring more awareness to you and your Moment(s).

Since this project is based on consumer ratings, ITO will select a monthly feature on one of OAIM’s Cultural Entrepreneurs and write a Success Story about them. This will give you a chance to have a monthly feature on the site! Become an OAIM ‘cultural entrepreneur’ today!

Cultural Authenticity Program

The Cultural Authenticity (CAP) program is designed to acknowledge tourism champions are striving to preserve and share our province’s diverse Indigenous cultures with visitors from around the world. Authentic Indigenous cultural tourism is an industry sector that a growing number of tourists are interested in. It is important for the Indigenous communities within Ontario to take control of their culture and ensure it is properly represented. ITO will support and promote businesses offering culturally authentic experiences, and recognize them for contributing to their Indigenous heritage. To join or find out more about the CAP program, click here: CAP Program