ITO Membership

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We welcome any person, community, business or organization that has an interest in advancing Indigenous tourism in Ontario to become a member of ITO. We are proud to represent First Nations, Métis and Inuit businesses from across the province; working towards a strong, well connected Indigenous tourism industry. For the 2022 year, we are pleased to extend complimentary ITO membership.

Join the Indigenous Tourism Ontario Community


With an ITO Membership, you can access programs and initiatives designed for all stages of business development. Through our 4 pillars, ITO aims to provide the opportunities and connections to empower and grow the Indigenous tourism industry. These 4 pillars include:

Product Development

Marketing & Branding

HR Development

Cultural Authenticity


Industry Partner

A Canadian tourism-oriented business, organization, association (incorporated or otherwise) or persons who wish to support ITO’s vision and mission and the growth of Indigenous tourism in Ontario.

Cultural Preserver & Local Ambassador

A Canadian tourism-oriented business that is no less than 51% Indigenous-owned, operated and controlled. This member is in start-up stage or are developing, expanding or upgrading their business.

Experience Provider & Global Host

A Canadian tourism-oriented business that is no less than 51% Indigenous-owned, operated and controlled. This member can also be an organization or association that is majority managed by Indigenous directors and represents Indigenous tourism businesses that are no less than 51% Indigenous-owned. This member is able to host visitors and meets or exceeds the quality assurance and cultural authenticity standards established by ITO.


ITO Membership auto renews every year unless otherwise cancelled by the business. This means if you are already a member, you do not need to fill out the registration form again. Not sure if you are a member yet? Look up your business or organization in our member directory to find out.

If you are an existing member and your business information has changed, for example, you have relocated, switched phone numbers or have developed a new website, please email us at with your new details.

Questions? For more information on ITO, or for assistance with completing your membership application, please email