ITO is excited to be kick-starting the development of its Post-Pandemic & Recovery Plan for the Indigenous tourism industry in Ontario.

ITO is proud to work with Canadian Ecotourism Services as its partner in the creation of our Post Pandemic ITO Strategic & COVID-19 Recovery Planning Project. 
As Indigenous tourism operators and organizations across the province are facing unprecedented challenges in the face of COVID-19,  the project team will engage in research to determine how best to assist the current Indigenous tourism landscape in Ontario, and evaluate methods to evolve the industry over the coming years as domestic and international travel and tourism resume.
However, we can’t do this alone! We are looking for your ideas, thoughts and insights for helping the Indigenous tourism industry to recover post-COVID-19.
If you are an industry association or a potential or existing partner of ITO, please consider filling out our online partner survey.
If you are an Indigenous tourism operator and would like to share your story about how COVID-19 has impacted your business or any ideas that you have for helping the industry to recover, email us at
Your insights will contribute towards ITO’s Post-Pandemic & Recovery Plan.