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Kwe Kwe, Aanii, Boozhoo, She:kon, Sge:no, Wachay, Shekoli, Tansi, Greetings and welcome to The Sharing Circle.

The Sharing Circle is a space for long form blog posts about Indigenous tourism business development. Through the power of storytelling and sharing lessons learned, our authors will recount their tourism-related tales from their perspectives to educate, celebrate, and ignite conversation amongst the ITO community. Share your questions, comments, or requests, by emailing us at We’d love to hear your feedback!

Miigwech, Nia:wen, Nya:węh, yaw^ko, Hay-hay, Maarsii, nya:wëh, Nakurmiik, Nya•węh, nyaweñhah, Qujannamiik, Thank you.

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