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Augmented Reality

Ongoing | Product Development

Indigenous Tourism Ontario engages immersive technology such as Augmented Reality to promote revenue generation for Indigenous Tourism operators in Ontario.

AR is a cutting-edge technology that enriches users' experiences by superimposing computer-generated elements onto real-world environments. ITO has a proven track record in this field, having already developed four successful AR products. These products can be accessed by consumers through a simple scanning of a QR Code, followed by opening an AR application on their cell phones. By viewing the real world through their device's camera lens, users are treated to an immersive, computer-generated overlay that enhances their understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture.

For instance, an Indigenous educator can be virtually present to teach consumers a captivating story, while a chef's AR product can introduce an animal and explain its significance in Indigenous culture.

By joining ITO, you gain access to an established platform for creating culturally authentic and immersive AR experiences. These experiences not only promote education and engagement with Indigenous culture but also provide additional revenue streams, expanded market access, and increased capacity for Indigenous tourism operators.

Furthermore, participating in these innovative projects aligns with ITO's strategic goals of developing brand integrity, building capacity, increasing economic opportunities, and marketing authentic Indigenous products and services. Ultimately, by becoming a member of ITO, you will play a vital role in supporting Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs while offering unforgettable and culturally enriching experiences to visitors.