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Becoming a member of Indigenous Tourism Ontario (ITO) offers invaluable benefits, including access to the opportunity to participate in the Employer-to-Employee (E2E) Matching events. These events, organized by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO), aim to bridge the gap between Indigenous tourism employees and tourism businesses by facilitating mutually beneficial connections.

Whether you are an Indigenous or non-Indigenous tourism business in Ontario, joining ITO and participating in these matching events can open doors to a diverse pool of talented individuals seeking employment in the tourism industry.

As an employer, you will have the chance to connect with potential employees who have received frontline training through the program, ensuring their readiness to contribute to your business.

Past programs have included a generous wage subsidy of up to 30%, with a maximum of $5,000 per employee hired. This financial support serves as an incentive for employers to invest in their new employees' training and development. By becoming an ITO member and participating in the E2E Matching program, you not only support the growth and development of Indigenous tourism but also gain access to talented individuals and financial incentives to enhance your workforce.