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Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

November 24th, 2022 | Marketing and Branding

Indigenous Tourism Ontario sponsored the Royal Agricultural Winter Fairs Origins Day, where ITO had 8 Indigenous Chefs complete interactive chef-led culinary sessions to groups of 30 Royal attendees.

#FEASTIndigenous was on full display through the Burnbrae Farms Culinary Academy sponsored by ITO. Our featured chefs showcased their takes on Indigenous cuisine through live cooking demonstrations to a total of 288 participants. The experiences allowed attendees to learn about Indigenous culinary, its history, and how to cook under the direction of experts.

Indigenous Tourism Ontario created the following FEAST Indigenous culinary experiences that promote food tourism in Ontario. This new season of ORIGINS allows viewers to explore the best Indigenous culinary destinations that Ontario has to offer. Follow along with host, Sarain Fox, as she meets with Indigenous Chefs from across the province to share their stories and showcase their culinary expertise. In this 3-part series, she connects with three talented Chefs cooking up progressive Indigenous dishes, including Chef Zach Keeshig from Owen Sound, Chef Aicha Smith-Belghaba in Six Nations, and Chef Amede Thompson of Thunder Bay.

Additionally, ITO hired Chef Paul Owl to showcase Treeteas Brewing (Non-Alcoholic Cedar Teas at the Royal this year, where he also cooked special Indigenous sampling platters for Royal attendees using locally grown ingredients).

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